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Slow Skate is the project of Seattle married couple Caitlin Sherman and Jason Goessl along with longtime collaborator/producer Robb Davidson. Reverb soaked vocals, vintage keyboards, antique zithers, swooning guitar lines and retro drum machines illustrate a sort of musical noir. Their performances have an intense dynamic range of whispers and growls with Sherman's dark, dreamy songs as a centerpiece. Slow Skate's third full-length album, 'Count The Days With Me' was self-released in 2011.

Sherman and Goessl originally formed Slow Skate as a project that would allow them to play their favorite ballads, usually over a few drinks in someone's living room. After recording an album of covers in Minneapolis, summer of '05, the pair decided to shift the focus to Sherman's original material. With three full-lengths under their belt (Trace the Lines, Conduit Records 2008, Past the Whole Parade, self-released 2009, Count The Days With Me, 2011) and a new album currently in the works, Slow Skate have kept themselves busy in and out of the living room.
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